The Riva Gallery is a recent addition to the facilities on offer at Villa Riva on the tropical island of Koh Samui. The idea of the gallery was born when the villa's Russian owner wished to add to his private art collection and noticed that despite the handful of talented local artists, the island was lacking a creative platform. In 2014, he realized his dream of kickstarting a contemporary Thai art scene on the island, inaugurating a gallery within the lush grounds of his 7-bedroom beachfront villa.

The Riva Gallery aims to promote art from Thailand and spark a dialogue about the modern artistry found in a kingdom which is perhaps more well known for its traditional craftsmanship than its paintings. The focus is on local emerging talents making waves on the  Bangkok and Koh Samui scene, as well as select pieces by renowned homegrown artists who have achieved international recognition for their work.

By providing a world class setting in which to showcase Thai art, the Riva Gallery provides a platform to bring together local artists and appreciators from across the globe. The gallery, which is located near the private cinema room of the residence, is curated by the Property Manager who is representing Villa Riva Owner, an avid collector of art with a particular interest in contemporary styles. A selection of artworks are also displayed around the luxury villa, fulfilling the context in which they were meant to be showcased.

Visitors who are interested in any of the artworks can purchase them in person direct, or we can arrange to have them shipped to anywhere in the world.   Private art tour and viewing is by appointment only.